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Raichur city, eastern Karnataka (formerly Mysore) State, southwestern India. Situated 409 kms north of Bangalore, is the historical town of Raichur with a rich cultural legacy. Flanked by the Tungabhadra and Krishna Rivers, Raichur is famous for its imposing Fort.

It contains a palace-citadel (1294) and fort (c. 1300) built on a hill 88 m above the surrounding plain. In 1489 Raichur became the first capital of the independent kingdom of Bijapur. The area around the town was frequently a battleground in early Indian History. Over the centuries, Raichur became a part of various empires. The Mauryas, Chalukyas, Bahmanis, Vijayanagara and the Mughal Kings, all ruled over Raichur. Endowing it with a rich and varied cultural legacy.

It is now a commercial centre on the Central Railway; products include oilseeds, cotton, sesame, sorghum, pulses, chilies, groundnut and soap. Raichur is well linked by rail and road to important cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and New Delhi. Its college of commerce and Laxmi Venkatesh Desai College are affiliated with Gulbarga University in Gulbarga. The national thermal power corporation has a plant which generates electricity for the area. Raichur Thermal Power Station comprises of eight power generating units, six units of 210MW and two units of 110MW. Raichur Thermal Power Plant is one of the nation's most efficient power station.

Raichur is composed of major higher educational institutions like SLN College of Engineering, Navodaya Medical College and AME'S Dental College. Raichur is also composed of Rajiv Gandhi Superspeciality Hospital managed by Apollo Hospitals, modern hospital fitted with all latest equipment and specialist superspecialist doctors avaliable to care for the patients and provide best treatment.